Ciné Place-Making

4 > 5/03/2022
study circle
A two-day study circle with screenings, panel talks, and lectures, touching on the imaginaries and practices of place-making in film.

How can film help shape a radical consciousness about place-making? How can it offer a reflection on the day-to-day struggles of those that work from the homely premise that freedom is a place? How can it bring imagination to the making of places that do not exist yet? How can film help undo the violent terms and infrastructures that maintain oppression? How does film relate to these more-than-social imaginaries, and how can film help strengthen their community-building and resources? What films keep us engaged in these struggles, nurturing our refusal of the partitioning terms given to us today? How can we think of cinema as a way of coming together, in which mutual exchange, shared knowledge production, and an ethic of connectedness are the starting points? Next, how can a film practice acknowledge the (im)material relations and affiliations with other, geographically and historically dispersed, cinematographic practices of place-making?
In this two-day study circle with screenings*, panel talks, and lectures, we will meet with several filmmakers who consider film practice as a form of place-making that contributes to a relational geography of connected struggles, imaginaries, and resources.
with The Post Film Collective, Marta Popivoda, Ana Vaz, Subversive Film (Mohanad Yacubi & Reem Shilleh), Raphael Grisey & Bouba Touré, Olivier Marboeuf & Avery F. Gordon

*The screenings introduce Belgian premières and previews of films in development, including Marta Popovida ‘Landscapes of Resistance’ (2021), Ana Vaz ‘Apiyemiyekî?’ (2019) and ‘13 Ways of Looking at a Blackbird’ (2020), Raphael Grisey & Bouba Touré, ‘Xaraasi Xanne – Crossing Voices’ (2022), and The Post Film Collective, 'On Recreation' (in development).

curated by Robin Vanbesien, and organised in the context of his eponymous doctoral research-in-the-arts at Sint Lucas Antwerpen | produced by timely, in collaboration with Kaaitheater | with the support of Flemish Audiovisual Fund (VAF), OJO grant University of Antwerp, Sint Lucas Antwerpen Research Group (SLARG), Antwerp Research Institute for the Arts (ARIA)

image caption: The Post Film Collective